We believe in equal access to the magazine. We do not discriminate between submissions on the basis of the author’s age, gender, location, immigration status, ability, socio-economic background, sexuality, or race.

Oxford Poetry is not publicly or institutionally funded. To help cover our costs, we charge a small submission fee through our online portal. If you feel this fee hinders your ability to submit to the magazine, you can request a fee waiver by email.

how to submit

updated 2021

We welcome submissions of poems, lyrical essays, poetry-related reviews, and articles with a literary focus. We publish work by emerging as well as established writers, and all submissions are read by the editors. Our issues are not themed beyond focusing on poetry. We cannot offer critical feedback, but we do aim to respond to submissions within six months.

poetry submissions Our reading window for poetry is open twice a year through our Submittable page. We cannot accept unsolicited poetry submissions by email. Work submitted must be unpublished and we will consider a maximum of 3 poems per submission. Simultaneous submissions are fine but please let us know (through Submittable) as soon as your work is accepted elsewhere. Include a short biographical note in your cover letter in the space provided in the portal. There is no need to attach an additional cover letter.

prose submissions If you would like to write a review, essay, or article, please email the editors with a pitch at any time. The prose pieces we publish are generally between 1,500 and 3,000 words in length, but there are no strict limits. Work submitted must be unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are fine but please let us know as soon as your work is accepted elsewhere.

review copies If you would like us to consider a book for review, please do not send unsolicited copies by post. Instead, send an email with the details and we will be in touch if we would like to request a physical copy.